Biography of Tom Cech


Thomas V. Cech grew up on a small farm in eastern Nebraska. As a boy Tom always wondered about water on his farm. “How did my grandparents know to drill a well at that spot to find water? Who laid out the network of buried pipes on our farm?” So it was no wonder that when he grew up he decided to go into the water department.

Tom went to Kearney State College (now university of Nebraska at Kearney) and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in math education. He later went to the university of Nebraska-Lincoln and earned a Masters in community and regional planning.

From 1982-2011, Tom was the Executive Director of the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District in Greeley, Co. He now works for One World One Water (or O.W.O.W) at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, where he teaches classes and tries to make the campus more water conscious.

Tom has also written many books about water resources and water law, including: “Principles of Water Resources”, “Water Resources and Environmental Issues”, and “Colorado Water Law for Non-Lawyers”.

Tom is considered an expert in water resources and his field, and his books are known throughout the world. So if you want to learn about water, read his books.