Changing our Perspective of the Elderly


“We as the people, need to stop generalizing and judging groups and individuals.”(Anonymous 2) Some people in our generation don’t agree with this. “Goodbye boomers, it’s time to hand over the gavel and leave the podium. If not, now soon.”(Anonymous 1)  This quote shows that there is not much respect for the elderly and some people are incredibly disrespectful to them. It also shows that we need to get out our manners books and re-read the part on how to be kind to others. The littlest things can change an opinion about something. The elderly have feelings, and they are people, too. Over time we have stopped respecting them as much as we should. We need to restore this respect that was lost over time. Sure, the world is changing and the youth are taking over, but we need to consider using the bright minds that have inspired us and improved our world in the past. Many of the people in our country think of older adults as “Helpless old hags” but at the same time they similar to us, raising children, working, and passing on what they know so that we may be  smart and successful in work. The negativity that is used to describe the elderly is plain wrong. Who gave you ice cream before dinner when your parents said no? Your grandparents!  The impact that we make on our kids about them will effect generation after generation. When given the choice between saying something negative or positive choose positive. It could affect your future and your child’s future. Photo made by thomas_c_foster-_old_pic_0.jpg