Chef Koch


Jeff Koch a teacher who has a doctorates degree in hospitality and is a so called chef himself at Metro State University. Chef Koch says he has been in the kitchen for 30 years and been cooking since he was 16. He says he has cooked at a lot of places yet the university has been his favorite. Chef Koch has also worked at lotes of country clubs, hotels, and fancy restaurants but his favorite in that kind of profetion was working at Embassy Suites HOTEL. He has a class once a week for 16 weeks with 18 students in us rally every class and needs lots of space with 4 students pure station. Chef Koch also know how to make pastries but doesn’t have a class in making pastries. He says his favorite dish to teach and make is creme brulee. Chef Koch also has a private warehouse for his fellow students, the restaurant, and himself. He has 2 kitchens one is for pastree and another for hospitality. When it’s time for a break the students go to a student lounging room and theres a food court on the other side of campus. Chef Khch says this new building has been around for about five years now, he also says they have made a lot of progress from their other class rooms. He says his favorite part of his job is working with students and seeing them grow. As an adult Chefkoch loves his profession, but as a kid he wanted to be a highschool teacher teaching historie. Mr.Jeff  says he has enjoyed cooking for Mr.Brock Obama and Mr.Bill Clinton themselves. He says he has fased the great challenge of getting to cook for the fame and fortionate. Chef Koch has 3 dogs with the indeed namesof Ranger, Maddie, and Bella. He also has 2 daughters and 1 son that are going to school to be a nurse, work with survise dogs, and his son is a maijar at Walmart. Chef Koch has one brother. Chef Koch says he enjoys staying incontact with his graguating students and giving theme a call to see and talk about the progress that they are making sofar. Chef Koch says his most memerable moment/accidents were when they had a very big party that orderd lots of food and at that time he had 6 ovans 5 broke down leaving him with 1 and he still needed to make lots of food. Chef Koch himaself say’s,” IT WAS ABSOULUSTLY BONKERS!”He also said,”I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE INPOSIBBLE TO COOK THE REST OF THIS MEAL.”Luckaly he was able to finish. Chef Koch’s favorite chef/rollmodel is Anthony Bordan.I hope you enjoyed my report and if you end up meeting Mr.Jeff Koch himself I hope you enjoy it!!!