Cooking Up A Career


Cooking has been around ever since humans first lived on the earth. One cooking teacher is really bringing the fire. Chef Instructor Jeff Koch who has been working at the Hospitality building in Metropolitan State University for six years.  Here they teach how to run hotels, restaurants, etc.

Koch has been cooking for 30 years Chef Koch has served food to many famous people including President Obama, President Clinton, John Elway, and some of the Colorado Avalanche players. His favorite thing to make is fish. Also, he went to University of Phoenix but just finished his masters at Regis University. Koch wanted to be a math or history teacher when he was younger but worked at a restaurant to get money then he figured out that the cooking businesses where he needed to be. The chef likes to rock climb and train his black, yellow, and chocolate labs in his free time. Their names are Ranger Madi and Bella. He also has three kids two girls and one boy. He does have a sibling himself, a brother. Most of all he just likes to get out and explore.  After this job that he’s in right now he liked his Embassy Suites job best. Koch teaches two classes a day in the Hospitality building. As an add on, he also teaches a class that teaches people who just got out of jail how to cook. The sports he does now are rock climbing, biking, and volleyball. As a child he did swimming. His role model (who he got to meet) is Anthony Bourdain.


The Hospitality building has been around for five years. In this building there are different types of classes for different types of cooking. Also the rooms are only for the classes.There is one big demo room for chef presentations. Also there’s a walk-in fridge, freezer, and big dry food storage to store the food. There are 18 students per class and four students to a station. In this building they have a total of 700 students. Compared to the other buildings this one is probably the most fun on campus.


I In all, Chef Koch is a very good teacher and has a very fun building to work at.