Could you Live Without Industrial Designers?

The new Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building Picture Taken by Denver Infill

Everything you buy that comes from a store was produced by a industrial designer. Industrial designers design things that make your life more comfortable, pleasurable and easy. All products that industrial designers create are mass produced in large quantities to reach the populations demand. From 17 million dollar watches to water purifiers industrial designers have a huge roll in our society, but all designers have to start somewhere. At Metro State University Ted Shin, one of the Industrial design professors is working with students to create new ideas for the future. 

“In this program  we don’t teach students to design furniture we teach students to solve problems and apply that knowledge to other things” Shin explains. Shin worked at Samsung for seven  years helping the team design the clam shell phone, and was one of 12 designers selected to travel the world where he studied the impact other countries had on design solutions. He is now a Ph.D holder and on the chair of industrial design at MSU.  In his lab, senior Evan Coyle is at a 3D printer making a replica of Han Solo’s Blaster. Coyle wants to become a soft goods producer and is excited to start working.

The path to success is not always easy. There are many steps that an industrial designer must do to create a successful project. First the idea. The following steps are sketches, drawings, models, prototypes, manufacture, and sell. If all the steps all followed and completed the final project will be a big hit. At MSU, there is a new building for Aerospace Engineering Sciences. There are 4 new labs in the building, plastic, composite, wood, and metal. In all of these labs students can design and create projects that will help us in the future. Industrial designers are underappreciated but they do incredibly a lot for the world.