Dive In

 Behind the MSU Recreation Center Pool

MSU Denver Pool. No diving in the empty pool Denver, CO July 19, 2018.

 by Tyler Ramirez and Wesley Schlachter

At the Metropolitan State University (MSU) Recreational Center, we learned about the pool that has been closed for about five years. We were overwhelmed by curiosity and dove straight into the story behind the closure.

At the MSU recreation center, we interviewed Jazmin Serrano a worker and student at MSU and David Lamothe another student and the assistant director of recreation and leadership.  We also interviewed Ray Wendfield, an Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) employee, at the AHEC office.

Jazmin said she hopes for the pool to be reopened and she is thinking about petitioning for AHEC to reopen it since AHEC owns the land and building. David said the pool was closed due to a leak that drained 500,000 gallons a day. He said it would cost a fortune (2 million) to fix.

Our last interview was with an employee of AHEC named Ray Wendfield, and he said the old rec center has been on the campus for a long time and it pool had a lot of holes in it. Even though they continued to patch it, it was costing AHEC thousands and thousands of dollars to keep the water high. So they did they built a new one located in the Student Success Building which is near the wellness center. So they had a brand new pool in there for MSU and CU to share. AHEC hasn’t decided what to do with  the old pool yet.

So as you can see people have different ideas on what will happen to it so, the future is still unclear for the leaky pool.

MSU Denver Pool. No diving in the empty pool
Denver, CO July 19, 2018.
MSU Denver Pool. A solitary pool, waiting to be used
Denver, CO July 19, 2018
MSU Denver Pool. Dive into the pool?
Denver, CO July 19, 2018