Drones Changing Journalism


On July 17 at Metropolitan State University of Denver Kip Wotkyns and Dave Kinney gave a demonstration on drones. they talked about how much they cost, what they can be used for, the rules you must follow if you own a drone, and how to fly a drone.

Today drones can be used for many different things such as storytelling or taking photos in places that people can’t get to. In journalism, drones can be used to get birds eye view images. If someone wrote that the schools field was very big a bird’s eye view image can show how big the field truly is. With all the cool things you can do with drones they do cost a lot of money. They can range from about one hundred fifty dollars to seven thousand dollars. If you want a drone that will be good for journalism it will cost about one thousand dollars. Even though drones are expensive you can buy a good drone for about half the price it costs to rent a helicopter for one hour.

If you own a drone there are rules that you must follow. You can’t fly your drone over areas with lots of people such as a sports field. You also can’t fly a drone on private property without their permission. Flying a drone above four hundred feet is not allowed because there is a hazard that you could hit a plane. But if you are near an airport you are not able to fly your drone at all. You should also not try to fly your drone inside of a building. If you want to learn how to fly a drone you should go to a large open area without many people.

Drones have changed journalism. We can now take pictures in areas that are too dangerous or hard for us to get to. The photos they can take can help us show what we were talking about in our writing or show size. They can be more convenient than helicopters. We are just starting to use drones for journalism so they still have a lot of time to advance and will be able to offer a lot more in the future.