Drones Provide a New Lens

Flying drones at MSU Denver (Photo by Haley Hilderbrant)

With drone technology, the world of photography could completely change for journalists. Kip Wotkyns and Dave Kinney, journalism professors at Metropolitan State University of Denver, showed how drones can be a very cost-effective news gathering tool. Drones, also thought of as a new lens for a camera, can give you information that you couldn’t get yourself and images of places that you may not be able to go to.

These drones are already impacting the world with fascinating technology at an affordable price. Although, they could also be put to good use for journalists. As opposed to helicopters, which cost as much as $2,000-3,000 per hour, high quality drones, according to Kinney and Wotkyns, can cost around $1,000, making them much more affordable. Plus, they make taking pictures in unsafe places for humans possible. This could affect everyone because of all the new things a drone is capable of doing, one being journalism. Capturing bird’s eye views of events are made possible with drones, and because the technology is available to the public, journalists all over the world have new opportunities for their photos.

This technology began in the 1960’s with drone experiments by the Department of Defense. Since then, the technology has evolved to become more cutting-edge. In the future, drones are expected to become more technologically advanced, smaller, and cheaper. Kinney and Wotkyns also noted that problems could arise with drones. Drones can be used on public property, yet are not allowed to be used on private property without permission. Also, height restrictions make the skies safer for other flying vehicles, but when these are broken, it could cause issues. However, flying drones in teams of two or more with a spotter would make drone-flying more safe.

Journalists now have more opportunities for taking photos than ever before. When you’re looking to take pictures at a bird’s eye view for an affordable price, drones are the best option. Drone journalism, a class being taught at Metropolitan State University of Denver, could make taking photos much easier and cost-efficient.