Family Fun in Glenwood Springs


One of the most family friendly places to visit is Glenwood Springs.With the famous hot springs it is an amazing place for a vacation. The pool is one of the largest natural hot springs pools in the U.S.A.. It is located in a mountain valley, usually out of the way of spring snowstorms. The fall is the best time to visit, with the cool weather, great for taking a hike on one of the many and various trails. One of these trails leads to an old cemetery, including John Henry “Doc” Holliday’s grave. Some of the newer graves date from around 100 years ago.

The drive to Glenwood is usually around a three hour drive from Denver. There are many tunnels along the way including the Eisenhower Tunnel going to Glenwood Springs. There is wildlife on the way, such as deer, occasionally mountain goats and foxes from time to time.

While the drive in the spring can be dangerous due to the icy roads and spring snowstorms, the weather is warmer and there is less chance of you getting out of the pool to see a gray sky and feel a cold wind.

While this is true, walking around to various restaurants is far more enjoyable in the cooler weather of fall. So, it really depends on what you plan to do for your time in Glenwood Springs.

The hot springs pool also has a large diving area, hot tub and then the main pool, far bigger than many hot springs pools. The water stays roughly the same temperature whether it is snowing and 30 degrees or blazing sun and 100 degrees. The thermal vents underneath the pool keep it hovering around 104 degrees. Precisely why it is wise to refrain from going in the summer. Unless you want to skip the pool that is.

There are also a lot of great places to eat in the town. Such as Slope & Hatch, a great hot dog restaurant, or Daily Bread Restaurant, an amazing breakfast place for before you head down to the pool. And moving on to dessert, try the Chocolate Moose Ice Cream Parlor for some great ice cream flavors.   

And while there are many other hot spring pools in the world, Glenwood is the one to visit.