Generations Ago

Students at Youth Journalism Day brainstorming words to describe older citizens (photo by Mariah Hansen)

Our senior citizens in the U.S.A. face a problem in the community. Many people tend to be scared or uncomfortable around the elderly citizens, or older adults, of our world. And many older adults want our generation and the generations after us to not be afraid, to appreciate the work they do in our world instead of remaining wary or scared of them.

They really are nice people, maybe some are stricter or more old fashioned, but they are not the scary overlords that people might think they are. And they helped our community, they invented a lot of the modern electronics that we use today!

And many people use rough language with them, or blame them for today’s problems. And those are not their fault! They were the last generation, they are not the problem.  

Your grandparents might be slightly intimidating, but maybe that’s because they know more and have seen more than you. Some people are afraid of those who know more than them. Which is unrealistic, those who know more than you can teach you and help you to know even more things, things you never knew.

Think like this and you are more than halfway to appreciating our older adults. They do so much for us and we need to repay them.

They need to be respected, many people view them more negatively than they deserve, or they ignore them completely. Remember, in 40-60 years in the future that will be you, the older adults of our world.

And you can start with one simple word, respect. They need it and you can give it.