How Technology is Changing Journalism

Photo taken by Montana Martin (Kathleen Jewby, Creative Director of Met Media, Left, Steve Haigh, Director of Met Media, Right)

Technology is helping students do better in journalism. I talked with Steve Haigh and Kathleen Jewby who work at MSU in Denver, Colorado. “I love to help students become better writers”, says Haigh. New advances in technology have made journalism better and easier. For example, drones with cameras have gone to places that may be too dangerous for people to go.

“The core of journalism is still the same but the way the audience gets the information is different”, says Haigh. Audiences look at the news more on their computer, internet, and the TV than on paper. Fake news can be seen on some websites and magazines. Haigh advises to watch what you read, it could be fake.

Haigh says his favorite part of the job is helping students become better writers. He also tells his students to learn another language because it will help you so much in life. I loved speaking with Haigh. Journalism has helped people communicate and get up to date with current events.