In each family, the kid’s relationship with their grandparents tend to be different than the adults.

Kids describing their grandparents

In most families, kids tend to have a healthier relationship than adults with their grandparents.

Kids usually love and care for their grandparents, and they love a care for the kids.

Grandparents sometimes think adults are making bad decisions, so they don’t always get along.

Kids shared their positive opinion, and they thought of their grandparents as hard working, giving, kind, happy, interesting, and respected.

Kids also shared their negative opinion, and they said their grandparents could also be mean and a little slow.

An adult we interviewed, Mariah Hansen, said that she thought of her grandparents as hardworking, strict, and they had high values. She also added, “I think being strict is a positive because otherwise they wouldn’t have got anything done, living with 9 children on a farm.”

In all, kids have a better relationship with grandparents that an adult, but it sometimes can be the other way around.