Industrial Design

The Plastic Lab At MSU Denver. Photo by: Eliana Brown

Everything we use in our daily lives is a product of Industrial Design. Whether it’s the coffee maker you use in the morning, or the bed you sleep in at night, they are all products of Industrial Design. Every single day, Industrial Design is making things more useful and improving them, or inventing new things. It is also very useful, because most products of Industrial Design are meant to improve people’s lives. The engineers associated with Industrial Design are constantly figuring out ways to improve new technology. We often don’t realize that the things we are using are Industrial Design products.
Industrial Design had a major impact on humans. It impacts everybody on Earth by making their lives better and easier. An example of Industrial Design is engineering a new model of phone. This phone would be designed to function faster, plus it would most likely have a new and improved design. Most likely, engineers would design a new phone to impact the human race in a positive way by improving the performance and design.
“I like to design for the future,” said Ted Shin, P.h.D., Chairman Chair of Industrial Design at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Shin designed phones for Samsung in Korea before coming to Colorado.
Senior Evan Coyle is working on producing soft goods and would like to work for Kelty one day. He has been working on designing bags. For fun, he designs and makes 3D printed objects. He is currently working on a Han Solo blaster for Star Wars.
The new building that houses Industrial Design has four labs, metal, wood, plastics, and composites. Will Kellogg, Lab Coordinator, manages all of the labs. Before he worked at MSU Denver, he worked on theater set designs and props.
Engineers working in the field of Industrial Design are constantly coming up with and testing new designs. They are frequently working to improve their ideas, so they can be even better than before. Industrial Design engineers are working to make more helpful things, so they will hopefully help in the future.