Is Journalism Evolving With Technology?

Photo taken by Montana Martin (Kathleen Jewby, Creative Director of Met Media, Left, Steve Haigh, Director of Met Media, Right)

Do you ever wonder, “Will journalism evolve with technology?” If you have, then I am going to answer your question. Technology is effecting the work of journalism because it is changing in our everyday lives. Journalism has been around for a very long time as well as technology.

  You might sit around and wonder why technology evolves so much. Will journalism be evolving just as much in the future? Journalism is definetely going to change with technology. We might even eventually have to see journalism in a different way or a different point of view due to these changes.

    We learn a lot from journalism, will it still be that way after evolving just like technology? Can we fix it so that it doesn’t have to evolve like this? Journalism is a very important job. Journalists are especially important to kids just like me, who are most definetely interested in this sort of stuff. Journalism is definetely going to evolve with technology, and it is going to turn out great. Although journalism will change, it will not change as much as technology will.

     Journalism will always be a great job, and we will always learn a lot from it, and if it doesn’t stay that way forever, it will stay that way for a long time. We may be able to change this sometime, but for now, Journalism is going to evolve in a great way.