Japanese Rose Beetles


If living in Colorado, you might have noticed dime-sized, shiny, emerald green beetles furiously eating your plants or clumsily flying about the garden. If you’re a curious person, you might pick one up only to find it bites you. If you’re a fearful person, you might spray one with bug spray only to learn it doesn’t work. You have just met the one and only Japanese Rose Beetle. According to Wikipedia.org, these beetles are native to Japan and have no natural predators in Colorado. This makes it very difficult to control them. These beetles feed on 200 different species of plants including rose bushes, Linden trees, and Engleman Ivy. The key to knowing you have a Japanese beetle problem, is finding your plants covered in beetles with skeletonized leaves. This skeletonization kills plants. Gardeners Supply Company recommends these five ways to reduce beetle feeding: safe insecticide, Neem oil, hand picking, benificial nematodes, and traps. Be forewarned, these beetles attack early and fast, so be prepared before your garden becomes a plant graveyard.