Mars Can Be Ours

This is a 2016 image of the big red planet Mars.

Our entire lives depend on the resources around us. From the most important things like food and water. To the less important things like technology and cell phones. And to think that it tock billions of years to get to where we are now. But can imagine… a life on a whole different planet! Can you imagine our schools, stores, houses, technology, and almost everything we have on Earth would have to be rebuilt!? Can you imagine a life, on Mars?
Years have passed and people have been to space to the Moon to explore. But as time goes on we have started to wonder… what about Mars? People want to explore mares. They want to colonize it and explore it. But many challenges face them. For instance, you need to prepare heavily. It takes approximately 300 days just to get to Mares. That means 300 days of planning. Hard planning. Not only that, will we have enough oxygen to make it to Mars? Or enough food or water? Will the space shuttle for sure make it there and back? And most importantly, is it safe?                                                                                             All of these question have been asked. But they have not all been answered. It is a long and tiring journey to be an astronaut. For instance; you will need many years of training to make sure you are safe and prepared. You will have to learn how to handle dust storms and meteorite showers. You will also need to learn how to use pounds of difficult technology. And to think that we are talking about colonizing Mars when we haven’t even but a living man or woman on it!                                                                                           Trying to make this remarkable planet become our home, comes with lots of risks. Like rising taxes and doing experiments. Witch all cost small risks to colonize mars. To conclude with the final question… is it possible to colonize mars? I don’t know. But I believe that with the technology that we have today, it will someday be possible.