Mesa Verde


Mesa Verde looks like nothing driving by because you had no clue that the great cliff dwellings are right under you.The dwellings are in South Colorado and look like caves, the biggest one is called cliff palace. The dwellings look like this:

In the top by the tower is a creek that runs by and it like a pantry for crops and spices.About 100 people who live in one dwelling.Don’t you think that it is crazy that they made all that in the desert.So Mesa Verde became a park in 1906 from Mr.Theodore Roosevelt.They lived in the cliff from 600 to 1300 ad.The word Mesa Verde means green table.Most of the people in Mesa Verde where farmers.I you are wondering what the tribe was for Mesa Verde it is the Anasazi tribe. Uncle Sam is the guys name who took the first picture by Mesa Verde.Mesa verde is  about 52,485 acres all around.Plus there are more than 600 dwellings.Cliff palace is the biggest dwelling in america.Now Mesa verde is a national park with more than 4,300 sites. Then the natives moved on and are in New Mexico,and Arizona.