Mission to Mars and Some of the few Difficulties



The topic we discussed was Mission to mars. We were with Karlee Nasalroad who instructed us and led us through our activities. (Part of Denver Museum of Nature and Science staff). We learned about a few of the difficulties that could happen if we were able to achieve this goal. We did four interactive activities involving this topic.

First we programmed a toy mouse as a rover to practice to get a small sense of what it would be like. It would move around the terrain and reach its destination if you did it right. This was the first navigation activity that we did.

Next we did another navigation activity, involving an I-pad and us splitting into pairs. In our separate pairs we chose one person as commander and one as pilot. The pilot would read off the screen to the commander then the commander would tell the pilot what to do.

In our third activity we connected toy boards with each other as to fix “solar panels”.  For this we put on astronaut costumes that made it a lot harder to grab the boards for the panel. It was pretty silly but we learned a lot in the process. Astronauts have to face this challenge sometimes because it is essential to have solar panels. Without them the ship doesn’t have power and you don’t have lights.

The last activity we did during this time was building oxygen tubes. We had little plastic tubes and other fake parts of an oxygen tube and we had to “build” this oxygen tank. We split up into teams and we all tried to build this tube. Neither team succeeded. All the tubes were different shapes and none of them were the shapes we were looking for. It was hard for all of us.