More than a Hobby


Drones are more than a hobby. They can help many people such as journalists excel at their job by helping farmers watch their crops, search and rescue teams find people quickly, to see deep into the ocean, and for taking pictures from up above.

Many journalists are now using drones to help with their work. “Drones tell a story and help get the whole picture,” says drone expert Dave Kinney. They are able to photograph and record places and events such as a avalanche, that can be dangerous to people. Journalists can show people how big something is instead of having to describe it. An example is of a refugee camp the journalist can tell people that the camp is large but they still would not understand as well as seeing the camp from a drone.  “It gives perspective” Dave Kinney says “So people can understand.”

 Because so many people use drones there are laws so that drones are used wisely and safely. You need to know where you can fly. Being aware of the differences between public and private property is key. A drone is like a new camera lense it may be different but it can be a camera and there need to be rules. An example of this is that drone owners cannot fly over baseball or football fields because it is private property and they have the right to say for people to not do that. Along with someone flying over a neighbors yard. They own the property and don’t need to let you do that.

Within the last five years drones have become part of are daily lives. Many news stations have begun to use drones along with using them for performances such as at the olympics and in performances. Drones have already gotten cheaper and of a higher quality and such advancements have continued to happen.

Photo by Maya Fahy

Drones will not be going away any time soon. Drones will get many advancements such as higher quality cameras, and longer battery life. This is just the beginning of drone technology and more advancements are in the near future.