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Chef Jeff Koch teaches college students to cook and fulfill their dreams. He also, teaches people who are homeless, or just got out of jail to restart their life and become chefs. The Hospitality Learning Center (the building that Chef Koch works in), has been standing for about 5 years in Metropolitan State University of Denver. He educates about 18 students in each lesson, and has two classes a day. The classes he teach cook, but only for themselves to eat. The students also learn how to open their own restaurants.
When Chef Koch was younger, he didn’t want to be cook, but turns out to be a great one. He’s been cooking since he was 16. He’s always enjoyed camping, biking, and nature. He also loves to play sports. His favorite chef is Anthony Bourdain, but sadly he passed away. Chef Koch has three kids who don’t want to be chefs, but have a good futures ahead of them. Another part of his family are his three dogs. He loves his personal life, but loves his job as well.
Chef Koch loves to make fish, and his favorite part of cooking fish is chopping it all up. He has cooked for so many celebrities, but he only listed three, and they are: John Elway, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton. Teaching his students is his favorite part of his job. Most students who come to learn come for their passion. He’s going to keep his job and share it with many other people.
Koch’s life is interesting and is ready to be shared with the wonderful world we have.