new tech and jornalisem



Technology is changing journalism because we can go anywhere with drones because drones can fly to places that are too dangerous for a man to go on. And so we can go see those places for drones can go to theses places for example the Drone that went into the ocean and now we can go with a drone into the ocean and discover new things and take pictures in the ocean on drones and now the journalist  can they print those pictures and make articles and share with the world on magazines or see online magazine that people read and they will see the oceans depths and like these animals and maybe new fishes.The rules of the drums that you cannot invade people’s privacy I mean journalism you can do that but is that the right thing to do you can’t like hold hover over people’s Privacy Party and you can’t go into the airport with a drone cuz you you would distract planes in the planes like and there’s a height limit and you can’t go into the park with drone certain parks will not allow you to parks and you also cannot go over a military base with the Drone because that is illegal

Cameras are helping us with take better photos cuz as Technology developing them To be better at taking photos and they will take very good camera shots and they can take a camera shot  from across the room and take a like the long-distance range camera can zoom in all the way from the back of the room and take a photo of Barack Obama for example people are coming up with new ideas we are getting better shots and now we can add better shots with cameras.                                                           

  Photoshopping is helping journalists get Better photos and can move people and      photoshop them to be on the moon like maybe like if they can’t see the Martin Luther King statue they can Photoshop that Martin Luther King statue and put it on the sunset in Horizon and make it look authentic and cool so people will actually open the magazines and read them.