Nuclear Energy Safe?


Despite beliefs of nuclear power being highly unsafe and dangerous, the truth is quite the opposite. Jeff Loats, Ph.D. and Nuclear Physicist, says that the word “nuclear” is conceived as a harmful element, but many facts prove different. As a matter of fact, there are many more deaths related to coal power plants than nuclear ones.

Nuclear energy, a pretty uncommon energy source, is indeed one of the smallest energy sources on a “danger scale.” One of the obstacles that we have in building new plants is the economy. It’s difficult to find money to fund a nuclear power plant, but also the land. The public, in most areas, is not keen on the idea of something so “explosive” right next to their homes. What they don’t know is that the Uranium in the nucleus would have to be immensely enriched to make it a weapon. The type of bombs used in wars, such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki, had enriched Uranium in the blend that made it so forceful.

There are usually about a hundred employees in a nuclear power plant. It seems like a very dangerous job, and it is somewhat, however not as much as people think. The nuclear reactions are safe and contained. This heat then converts water to steam, pushing a turbine. The turbine continuously rotates a generator, creating electricity that could power a whole city. The process really is safe and it’s an idea we might want to consider using instead of other sources in the future.

Originally, electricity was first generated by a nuclear reaction in December 1951. This event was an important one, because it discovered an incredible source of energy that doesn’t give off carbon dioxide or kill nearly as many employees as some other types of energy. In fact, due to the absence of carbon dioxide released by nuclear energy, it doesn’t alter the area’s climate change.

Hopefully mankind will soon change their minds on this constant issue. “My opinion is that this issue is important on a large scale,” says Jeff Loats in regard to nuclear plants. We can soon hopefully imagine a future filled with clean air and safe, contained energy provided by these plants.