Seniors Matter!

Photo by: Nandi Strieker

There are many people in the United States who are “ageist”, or have negative thoughts about the elderly. Many people don’t consider older adults to be important to the society and are ready for the elderly generation to disappear and be lost to history.
There are many articles supporting this idea.
One article — about how kids dress up as elderly people on the 100th day of school — has an extremely ageist beginning that doesn’t go with the rest of the article:
“[O]ur aging population … [has] created a fiscal conflict within our state budget that’s eroding our ability to sustain [the] quality of life.” (Anonymous 3)
The rest of the article explains how kids can dress up as elderly people, but only includes the stereotypical appearance of a senior citizen. The speaker makes it sound like all older adults have short gray hair, wear long skirts blouses, and fishing caps and vests, and have walkers and knit yarn.
Many elderly people are not like this!
Another article states that “Too many [baby boomers] are only interested in protecting [their] gains, devil take the hindmost. Truth is, you are being relegated to the sidelines and in another 10 years or so [they’ll] be a historical footnote.” (Anonymous 1)
The speaker uses a negative tone throughout the article, but the first sentence — “Goodbye, boomers” and other ageist phrases — shows that he/she is totally fine with having a world without senior citizens.
Fortunately, there are many people who speak up and prove that the elderly are just as important as everyone else. One woman wrote an article in response to Anonymous 1, explaining how senior citizens are an important part of our society:
“We are all individuals, regardless of age, who are learning, working, living, loving, and in many cases trying to improve life for ourselves, our families, friends, community, and the planet.” (Anonymous 3)
I personally don’t understand how people can have negative thoughts about senior citizens, since we’re all going to grow old eventually, whether we want to or not. The elderly mainly just want to spend time with other people and be a part of society, and we need to do our best to help them make the most of their lives.