Summers are a perfect time for many outdoor activities. Biking, hiking, rafting, camping, you name it, but one of my personal favorites is to get out of the city and stargaze. Whether it be in your backyard or up in the mountains, it’s always a calming experience. You really have a chance to open up your mind, or to just relax. Stargazing is one of many activities with plenty of benefits.

According to the article “How star gazing is good for your health” by Kat Tate, doing just this activity can actually make you kinder. When stargazing, you may realize how small you are and how small your presence is, or how miniscule your problems are. That gives you the chance to open up and be more compassionate and caring for other people.

Star gazing will also slow you down. You can put away your stressors for a moment and just reflect, without any pressure from anyone. You can actually think in a more logical and sensical way, which will have many benefits on its own.

Because you have less to think about, your creativity will spark. You won’t have to think about doing any tasks, and stargazing allows your mind to wander to places on its own, the only limit is literally your imagination. You may come up with ideas you’ve never even thought about before, or you can think about how to improve what you’ve already come up with. This not only allows you to express your ideas and get them out, but to improve anything you’ve already worked on.

With all of these decreasing your stress levels, you’ll also become physically healthier. According to “The Effects of Stress on Your Body” by Ann Pietrangelo and Stephanie Watson, stress has many physical impacts on your body as well, including heart and blood problems, headaches, depression and insomnia, many menstrual and fertility problems, weakened organs, and many more. If you were to relieve your stress by stargazing, these stress caused problems wouldn’t happen because of your stress levels.

Stargazing allows for you to be less stressed, think about things in a more logical manner, come up with new, creative ideas, improve your work, be kinder to people, just put reality behind yourself, become physically healthier from less emotional stress, as well as many other benefits. It’s healthy for both your body and your mind.