The World Revolves Around Design

prototype car built by professors and students at MSU. photo by Sierra gallup

By:Margaret and Sierra Gallup

The Metropolitan State University of Denver’s new industrial design and aerospace department has moved into a new building in July 2017.The department has allowed more options for learning, woodworking, 3d printing programs, graphic designs, advanced manufacturing, and studio classes.

STEAM is one of the many important factors of MSU Denver, which stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This helps with industrial design. Industrial design is the professional service in creating and optimizing the function, value and appearances of an creation.  This impacts millions of people around the world.

The industrial design department is the only one in Colorado and one of 36 in the united states. This impacts Colorado because now the rest of the state has something to build off of in the future. The professor of industrial design,.Ted Shin, Ph.D., chair of ID, is focusing on the future.

“I like to design things for the future,” Shin said, “It’s really fun.”  

Shin originally started with making the Korean Samsung flip phone, which then generated into the newly updated Samsungs. Shin decided to work in Korea as a Samsung designer and finally transferring to MSU as a professor. Shin has been studying industrial designs for 25 years with 13 professional years at MSU.

“When you graduate from high school go into Industrial design,” Shin said.

With the new building and materials this allows so many graduates so many great opportunities.

Evan Coyle an industrial design student at MSU is hopefully going into bagging. Without the new building there would be no way that a graduate could advance in 3-D printing, wood making and so much more. This building has allowed the dreams to come alive.