Who Designed It?


Have you thought about who makes and designs the items you use daily?

Engineers make and design everything from clothing to skyscrapers whether it’s the shoes on your feet or the watch on your wrist.  They design athletic equipment, electronics, movie props, and more.

A former Samsung designer, Ted Shin, Ph.D., chair of industrial design. Evan Coyle, a senior student at Metropolitan State University of Denver that showed and explained to us his final project. Coyle was constructing a replica of Star Wars’ Han Solo’s blaster, using a 3D printer. He showed some of his other works, bags that he designed.

“In this program we don’t teach students to design furniture, we teach them to solve problems and apply that knowledge to other things,” Shin explained. “Industrial designers work to make our lives more comfortable, pleasurable, and efficient. By studying people at work, at home and in motion, they can begin to create products like office chairs that promote posture, kitchen tools that are comfortable even for the elderly’s hands and toys that provide safe play and learning for all children.”

There are four different labs in the Aerospace Engineering and Sciences building: metal, wood, composite, and plastic. The four labs included five different 3D printers. In the carbon lab there were carbon fiber accessories that were possibly bulletproof.