With a Kitchen, Jeff Koch can Conquer the World


0Jeff Koch is a chief instructor at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He teaches his class in the kitchens of the hospitality building. The chefs he works with are chef David, Jimmy and Jackson. His role model is Anthony Bourdain. Koch’s favorite food to eat is ice cream and Creme Brulee and his favorite food to make is fish. His favorite cake is white cake with lots and lots of white frosting. He has baked and cooked for Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, a man who used to play for the Colorado Avalanche named Patrick Roy and John Elway.

Now, more about the Hospitality Learning Center. There are many offices, a restaurant for the hotel across the street, one huge classroom, many other classrooms, two kitchens, a lounge space and a food room with a giant freezer and a giant refrigerator. The building was built five years ago.

Koch started cooking when he was 16 years old. He actually wanted to be a high school teacher, then he got a job at a restaurant and figured out he really liked cooking. His first college was University of Phoenix, then he went to Regis University for his masters degree and he is going to Colorado University Denver right now for his Doctor’s degree. Koch’s favorite job is his job working at MSU, but he also liked working at Embassy Suites, but MSU is the only college he has taught at. He teaches summer classes on Mondays and Fridays and he teaches two classes a day. When Koch is not teaching at MSU he teaches the homeless, poor, and the people who just got out of jail how to cook.

Family is also a big part of his life. He has three dogs named Ranger, Madi, and Bella and three kids including two daughters and one son. One daughter is a nurse and another daughter trains service dogs and his son is an overnight walmart manager. Koch’s hobbies are biking, rock climbing, swimming, and volleyball, but teaching is his main passion. He loves going to San Diego as he likes to be outdoors when he’s there.

If you’d like to find out more about Jeff Koch you can find him cooking or teaching at the Hospitality Learning Center at MSU of Denver.