Youth Journalism Day Takes Students to MSU Sports Building


        By: Lola Lopez and Layla Cohrs

The Department of Human Performance and Sports has students come and be active with lots of different equipment.  They have things that  you may have not seen before there is a room with plaques that is a athletic hall of fame where the most athletic people that went to the school. Also there are two cases with a  net on a plaque and trophies. Next to the plaque and roped trophies that looked like basketball hoops were two glass cups that are for the men’s division. Another thing we saw there is a large gym with three courts and folding out bleachers. We saw a fitness room and outside there is   a colorful picture of a person climbing a mountain and a black staircase going down in to the other fitness room by the picture we can’t to go in to. In another fitness room we went into we liked one of the machines is a large machine that you pulled a rope and could control the weight. Also there were  wires connecting to the computers in the fitness room and a white ball with two large holes to put your hands in and get chalk if there hands are sweaty . The tvs on the wall that also connected to the computers so the students can watch how to do a work out move. There is a window to the pool that we looked through and the large pool with two diving boards one lower and one taller. The levels of the pool were three feet six inches and four feet and 13  feet. When we left the window we went to a classroom that is a science room. On one side there is a classroom with chairs and tables and a teachers desk with a chalkboard. On the other side there are two very expensive treadmills that were connected to computers so you could test out work out stuff. Two black doors closing to separate the classroom from another room there was too expensive treadmills they were expensive because they could connect to the computers. It is a good resource for students to use when they want to exercise and learn.