photo by: izel Gomez Martinez

This show/series is a fair tale. It’s mixed with lots of different princesses and princes and as we all know a fairy tale can’t be a fairy tale without the wicked with of the west or the evil queen. What like about this show is that as soon as you think somethings going to happen they add a twist and adds something worst. What i dislike about this movie is if you don’t exactly prefer longer shows ONCE UPON A TIME might not be for you. So in other words i’d say this show definitely has pros and cons. This show has 6/six to7/seven seasons. I do have to  say this show is a little confusing at first only because it switches back and forth between fairy tale and real life but a couple episodes in you’ll understand. Also when it switches back and forth in real life they figure out the mystery. Thats it for my writing today but i hope you enjoyed and if you do decide to watch ONCE UPON A TIME in completely free and on Netflix. I would recommend kids being 7/seven to 8/eight years of age to watch this show. ONCE UPN A TIME has mosters rude humor and some bad language!!!