Drac is Back: Hotel Transylvania 3


As a big fan of the Hotel Transylvania series, I was very much looking forward to Hotel Transylvania 3. Sadly, I was disappointed by this film. If you enjoyed the fun, uplifting tone of the first two movies in this series then you may feel the same way I do about this one.

HT 3 is set on a cruise that Dracula and his family go on after Mavis (Drac’s daughter) decides her Dad needs a break from the hotel and they need more family time. Your favorite characters from 1 & 2 are back (Mummy, Frank, Blobby, Johnny and Dennis, and the Werewolf family), and they still get into some of the same funny situations (think of a dancing Blobby), but the fun gets a bit lost in the rest of the plot around Drac’s life after the death of his wife. New characters are not as funny as the old ones, and the villains, in particular, are more villain-y than funny.

At 1 hr and 37 min, Hotel Transylvania 3 felt extremely short, and I missed attention being given to characters other than Count Dracula. The PG rating was appropriate since the movie was not violent, scary and did not have bad words. It is also a good rating because HT 3 felt like it was for a younger kid than HT 1&2. I say this because I thought 1&2 had more word based humor and 3 relied more on visual humor.

I am not done with the HT series, and would go see HT 4 if it happens, but it has to have the elements of 1&2 that made the series a box office killer – more focus on the supporting characters like Blobby and Frank and more humor for slightly older kids.

If you are planning to go see this movie and you are a big fan of Hotel Transylvania 1&2, then expect to be a bit disappointed. If instead you are a casual moviegoer looking for a goofy summer movie, you might find more to like in HT 3 than I did.