military routine in our daily lives


The military is a big influence in some daily lives.  Now that the the threat of war looms in the air, more kids are eager to join the military and serve their country in war.  In the public school system like in gym class,  a workout of even rhythmic  gymnastics can help in a quest for the military. i asked many of my friends what they would do with their futures. 45% said they would join the military, and 52% said they would join the reserves. I would like to become a full time soldier in a time of conflict.

I would like to become a soldier because I had family in the military, and because I like freedom. I recently met a ball turret gunner from world war 2 and he said his time in the military was a great experience because he met his most significant friends and returned to the United States as a hero. He was lucky, of course, to survive and he spoke about how many people did not come home from WWII.

Being in the military is very dangerous, but I cannot imagine a more rewarding job.