This Exhibit Will Blow Your Mind!

The Mindbender exhibit is filled with puzzles and brainteasers. (Photo credit: Nandi Strieker)

You arrive at the entrance to a mysterious place. You push open the large double-doors and find yourself in a large room. Everywhere you look, there are many different displays of puzzles and brainteasers. Welcome to Mindbender Mansion.
A traveling exhibit that has just arrived at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Mindbender Mansion is filled with puzzle challenges of varying difficulties, ranging from putting shapes together to make a square, to balancing 14 nails on the head of one nail, to removing a ring from two interlocking horseshoes — and putting it back together (after many tries, my brother was finally able to solve this).
“I want people to have fun when they come here,” says Katie Wolfson, the museum programs specialist at DMNS. “Puzzle solving will tie into some neat science and the way that scientists work and have to solve problems.”
When you enter the mansion, you are given puzzle sheets that you can use to record the answers to the brainteasers. There are also screens set up throughout the exhibit where, if you enter three of the puzzle answers, you’ll get a short video about an inventor and a clue to solving all the puzzles.
“We have about 40 different puzzles that you can do individually, or with your family and friends,” says Wolfson. She also told me that if you complete the puzzle sheets, you’ll receive a special prize: earning a place in the Mindbender Society.
Many of the people at the mansion were kids — most of whom were attending the museum’s summer camp — but there were lots of adults who came with their friends and families.
“I thought it was really cool that they organized an event so that you could solve puzzles to get an ending prize,” says Sadie, aged 10, who was part of the summer camp.
Others say that they had never been to an exhibit like this before — definitely a unique event that gives visitors an experience they won’t be able to get elsewhere.
The exhibit will stay at DMNS until January 6, 2018, giving you plenty of time to visit and enjoy the mind-boggling puzzles at the mansion before it hits the road again.

Photo credit: Nandi Strieker
Photo credit: Nandi Strieker
Photo credit: Nandi Strieker
Photo credit: Nandi Strieker