Life Stories of Extraordinary Americans


The two Heroes of History books, “Heroes of History Alexander Hamilton” and, “Heroes of History George Washington”, follow them from birth to death, and explain how it impacted the world after they died. They are great non-fiction books filled with lots of content, but they have a few faults. For example, the layout looks as if it is for kids but the word choice might be a little difficult for anyone under 12. They have very interesting and colorful graphics, there are more than 150 pictures, drawings and maps. The stories focused more on what was happening around Washington and Hamilton than what was happening directly to them.

It seemed as if the author made assumptions that you already knew about a few of the things that were happening in history. It is sometimes hard to follow because the story line is not very smooth and it kind of jumps around a little. But if you want to learn about Hamilton or Washington these books would be money well spent. But maybe for kids that are a little older. It is supposed to be for ages 10 and up but it seems more ideal for children 12 or 13.