Astronomical Adventure


“The Final Six” by Alexandra Monir is a very good book about 24 kids who are on a dying Earth.  They have been selected to possibly be one of the final 6 which will get launched to Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter.  Europa is a moon that is the most likely of all the others in the Solar System to contain elements that make life possible such as fresh water, air, and other elements for sustaining life.  If you get into the 6, you will create the new world population.

The two main characters are Naomi and Leo.  Naomi is one of the two American finalists. She was selected for her intelligence including her computer expertise.  Leo is the finalist from Italy. He was selected for his underwater special skills. Another character that I liked include Asher from Israel who was selected for his special piloting skills.

The story begins in Italy and then takes you to America.  You meet Leo and Naomi and learn their stories on how they are chosen to be in the final 24.  The finalists go through training and two weeks in there is a first elimination. The day before departure is the second elimination that takes things down to the final 6.  There is a plot twist, but I will not give it away.

The author provided a lot of details and descriptions which made it very easy to visualize the story in your mind.  The book does not have any illustrations. The length of the book was a good length. It kind of makes you wish it was a bit longer as you want the story to continue because the story draws you in.  You feel kind of sad that the book is over when you finish.

The beginning of the book seems really dark and depressing.  Overall the book absolutely does have its moments when the story is dark and sad.  However, for the most part, the book has a lot of happy moments and a touch of pg-13 romance.  Kids aged 12+ is best as the content is a bit older for young kids to handle.