What’s “Tight” for you?


“Tight” by Torrey Maldonado is a very good book. It is about a teenager in New York living through problems with his dad and some peer pressure from a new friend he barely knows. Where the story starts off, Bryan’s dad just got out of jail and is back to playing dominoes with his buddies. Meanwhile Bryan is living a day to day life with not much change. His mom works for a community center where Bryan has his own private little office for homework and small tasks like filing paperwork.

An older kid named Mike has showed up in his Mom’s office two or three times, but Bryan doesn’t know that much about him. One day Bryan’s mom invites Mike to dinner for who knows what reason. The whole family except Bryan likes Mike so far, and Bryan feels discluded. But then, Mike starts talking to to Bryan about superheroes and comics, which are pretty much the center of Bryan’s universe. They hit it off and play some dominoes.

Soon Mike starts coming over to Bryan’s house on a regular basis, and they meet up at school. But Bryan finds that Mike is different from what he appears to be. First, he goads Bryan into skipping school with him, and then thing take a rapid turn. Mike shows Bryan how to do stuff like escape subway fares, ride on a moving subway, and throw rocks at cars from apartment building roofs. Bryan gets uncomfortable, and after Mike leaves his biggest fan to get taken by the cops, Bryan distances himself from Mike. Lots more happens after that, including growing tensions with Mike, and the conflict of Bryan’s life. If you want to know more, read the book.

This is a really good book that accurately represents the struggle in many teen’s lives. Have more fun and feel cool? or stay safe and have a more successful life. I recommend this book for ages 12 – 18 because kids younger won’t understand the main plot, or otherwise not enjoy it. But if you are within the age range, I think that you should definitely read it.