LOL Surprise Fizz Factory is fun but had some issues


LOL SURPRISE! Fizz Factory is fun, exciting, and enjoyable.  You can make DYI bath bombs.  It was exciting to open the press to see how our bath bombs turned out.  Though, I was a little disappointed that our DYI bath bombs didn’t change the color of the water, like store bought ones.  It did fizz and bubble so just like a bath bomb.  I really like bath bombs so I was excited to make my own.  I didn’t really care if it didn’t turn out good because you just throw them in the tub and they fade away.

Home-ade Bath bombsOur first ones didn’t turn out too good, because we didn’t keep stirring throughout the entire process. We found you needed two people to make these bath bombs and one person needs to be stirring the entire time while the other person adds ingredients.  You add a ball of baking soda, a spoonful of citric acid, 20 drops of water, a few scoops of pigment and viola, there is a bath bomb.

We had a few issues with those instructions.  The top of the bath bomb press had some of the ball stick to it.  The glitter, however, was a bit of an issue.  When we twisted the top to add glitter, all of it fell out.  And the kit has little charms to hide in the mixture so they come out in the bath.  When we tried to add the little charms, they made the bath bombs crumbly and they fell apart.  This is a fun toy but be aware of the issues with the toy.