Small Spaces


“Avoid large places. Keep to small.” Katherine Arden’s new novel “Small Spaces” is about an eleven year old girl named Ollie, who suffers the loss of a loved one and only finds consolation in books. So when she sees a woman about to throw a book into the river, she grabs it and brings it home. As she reads more and more of the book, she discovers the chilling tale of a girl, the two brothers that loved her, and a deal made with the sinister “smiling man” who grants your greatest wish but only for a large price paid back to him.

Ollie can’t get enough of the book, until she is forced to put it away the next day when her 6th class takes a field trip to Smoke Hollow, a local farm that could be related to the book she was reading. Sure enough, when Ollie gets to the farm she sees the graves of the people she’s been reading about! Does this mean that the story about the smiling man could be real? Before Ollie can think about this, the school bus breaks down on the way back from the farm, sending the teacher to go call for help, leaving the kids alone with the strange old bus driver. As nightfall gets closer and closer, Ollie’s watch delivers the terrifying message of: “RUN”, to her! And with that, a delightfully creepy adventure begins.

I liked the novel “Small Spaces” so much, that it’s my new favorite book. I would mostly recommend the book for readers 10 years old to 13 years old, but this is just my opinion. This book would be good for readers any age or level. If you’re looking for a fun and creepy adventure novel, this is your book. I enjoyed this book very much and I hope if you read it, you will enjoy it too.