A Funny Yet Serious Story


At the beginning of Where The Woods End, by Charlotte Salter, the main protagonist of this story named Kestrel could be found hanging upside down. She was testing to see if hanging upside down could improve her thinking, like it seemed to-to a bat, at least.

Pretty soon, a treecreeper attacked her! She fought back with her spoon with a sharpened end and slingshot-and won! Kestrel started to celebrate, but soon the black dog controlled by her mother was back to ruin her fun. The black dog snapped at her heels until she was at her mother’s house.

Before the two could stop talking, a grabber attacked. A grabber was a terrible creature that took the form of the person who was attacked worst fear. In this case, it was a spider. After defeating the spider-grabber, Kestrel found something in its throat-three yellowish eyes. Upon returning home, half of one of Kestrel’s eyebrows was burnt off-by her own mother!

The next day she and Fin (Kestrel’s best and only friend) were planning to hang out, till one of the kids from her village ruined it. So, she decided to go to where they were going by herself. When she got there, a witch wanted to take her vision. Kestrel knew better and ran away so fast, the witch couldn’t follow her.

The rest the reader will have to find out themselves!

Overall, I think this book is a bit scary, for 9 and up.  Where the Woods End was fun and stomach churning to read, so I highly recommend that anyone who is Ok with that try it out!