“Mindful Me:” A Great Practice of Calm


“Mindful Me: Mindfulness and Meditation for Kids,” by Whitney Stewart, was a great meditation practice. When I first started reading the book, I was concerned that meditation belonged to a certain religion. The book, however, assures kids that mindfulness is for anyone. One of the pages has a question and answer page; it actually answered most of my questions! I would definitely suggest this book for beginners as well as intermediates who are trying meditation.

One of the first reasons I liked this book was because it encouraged emotions. This is something that most people need to realize: don’t bottle up your feelings! I admired the way it encouraged people’s feelings, while also teaching us how to prevent being controlled by emotions. It also advises the reader to share feelings with a trusted adult. This book really helps you to have a balance in life.

I have never done meditation before I read this book, so take it from me when I say it was very easy to follow. They have a “Mindful Me Toolbox,” that includes key words and “Mindful Me Breathing”. There is a quiz that tells you which meditation activities to use for your personality type. It had great tips, like setting a meditation alarm, which I tried. I loved that it was clear for beginners. I really liked that it told you what meditation poses to choose from, and what activities to do, because for a beginner like me, I needed it.

In “Mindful Me,” it strongly suggests to get the “Mindful Me Activity Book,” but, unlike other books, it included what to do if you didn’t have one. A compliment I have is that the illustrations in the book are very detailed, so it was easy for me to know what the poses looked like. Again, I would suggest this book for beginners in meditation and mindfulness, because it is very clear.

Something important to me, was that this was a excellent nightstand book. I felt very comfortable reading this book before bed, a rare thing for me to say with any book. This book even had mindfulness activities to do when you can’t sleep! (I still use them!) I am a very sensitive reader, and can assure you that this is a very innocent book.

The book eventually did get to a part that I didn’t find very interesting. The beginning is very good though. At the end you may feel a little bored. “Mindful Me” pushed me out of my comfort zone, and allowed me to look at myself through different angles that I wouldn’t have before. I would most definitely advise you to read “Mindful Me,” by Whitney Stewart.