Fuzzy – Futuristic and Fun


“Fuzzy,” by Tom Angleburger, is about the first free thinking robot and his friendship with Max, a typical girl at middle age school.
One day Max finds out a robot is coming to the school.
When she gets to school she suddenly sees the robot, Fuzzy, lying in the middle of the hallway.
She tries to help him but gets a discipline tag instead.
The plot involves Max, who tries not to get discipline tags from Barbara, the school’s vice principle robot, while trying to stop Jones and Nina, his creators, from sending Fuzzy to Mars.
Max also has to deal with Valentina and Jeff, who are criminals trying to steal Fuzzy, a billion dollar robot, and Ryder with the military.
They had discovered some really important formula on Mars and wanted to use Fuzzy to get it by sending him to Mars.
Meanwhile, Max has to deal with bad CUQ scores (grades), and her parents, who are already upset about her grades and her 657 discipline tags.
This book was good, though it does get a little dramatic at the end.
The characters were fun and I wasn’t expecting to like this book.
At first I thought this book was weird, because it is set so far in the future but it turned out to be pretty good.
I would recommend this book for older boys who like robots and technology or anyone who likes futuristic books.