Not So Normal Norbert


“Not So Normal Norbert” is about a seventh grader named Norbert Riddle. Norbert lives on the planet United State of Earth with his aunt and uncle and goes to Middle School 1022 in Region 54.  The planet is ruled by a dictator named Loving Leader. He makes everyone wear boring gray jumpsuits to all be equal. In fact, everything on the planet is gray and dull. According to Loving Leader being original and having an imagination is bad. One day Norbert makes a funny impression of Loving Leader and gets caught! He gets banished to Zorquat 3, a planet on the other side of the cosmos for being different and dangerous. But being stuck on the other side of the universe isn’t going to help Norbert find his parents (who were taken away from him when he was 5). But Zorquat 3 isn’t that bad. In fact it is kind of good. This book was really good and I would recommend it to kids around the age of 10 who like comedy, excitement and adventure. Once again this book was amazing as each page presented a new excitement.