Stinky The Amorphous Titanum


Stinky is a miraculous flower at the Denver Botanic Gardens that blooms only once every two to five years. The first time the fascinating flower blooms can be over 10 years after it was planted, and Stinky is getting ready to bloom right now!

Stinky is an Amorphophallus titanum flower, one of the biggest flowers in the world. Stinky’s more familiar version of its scientific name is “corpse flower,” because it smells like something dead.

One of the conservatory horticulturists named Scott Preusser shared all kinds of information about Stinky.

He said that the bloom time would be August 30 to September 2. Stinky is kept in one of the six tropical greenhouses that they have, out of the twelve total greenhouses the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Preusser also said that the plant does not smell as bad as visitors think it could, because it smells even worse in hot, humid environments. The fan in the greenhouse that is used to spread humidity also affects the awful smell.

The corpse flower can grow from three to 10 feet tall, but now it is four feet tall exactly.

Nick Snakenberg planted Stinky when the humungous flower was just a bulb. And since then he and Preusser handwater it, along with all the other tropical plants, every day.

After being dormant for one or more years Stinky only takes one month to grow to a huge size. When the plant wakes up, it can either turn into a leaf or a bloom.

The bloom is a huge flower while the leaf is more of a tree-like structure.

Stinky smells so terrible in order to attract pollinators. Because there are not many bees that pollinate as much in the rainforest, beetles and flies are the main pollinators, and they are attracted to rotting meat.

Stinky is a very well known phenomenon in Denver and places around.

Stinky, the Amorphophallus titanum, the corpse flower, is unquestionably very cool to look at and definitely worth going to see, and smell.