Safari Pug by Laura James


Pug is an adventurous dog, being a sailor and cowboy. “Safari Pug” by Laura James is a third book in a series about Pug and the plot is very simple. Lady Mariam is Pug’s owner and has a dream a lion is in her room and believes it is really happening. She sends her housekeeper to look for it, who of course can not find it. After she leaves, Lady Mariam tells Pug, “Tomorrow you get to meet a real lion”. Pug is so nervous throughout the night. The next day, they head to Animal World to see a lion, and there they encounter the famous TV star Arlene Von Bing. They discover she is trying to steal penguins, monkeys, and meerkats and no one is noticing.
When they go to a show and see a white lion, Arlene Von Bing grabs the lion and locks everyone in the room. The plot continues and I found it to be very basic and more at the interest level for 1st and 2nd graders. It was a short chapter book with 106 pages and would be good for a young kid who is learning to read as it had easy-to-read words and a simple plot. I think the author did a good job keeping the book interesting for younger kids. It was too young for me but I think it is a good book for younger kids.