smART Sketcher Not As High Quality As Expected


Imagine being able to draw anything. Absolutely anything. It seems like the stuff of dreams, right? Maybe not. With the smART Sketcher projector, that dream could become a reality (if you can manage to get the machine to work).

The smART Sketcher arrives with one projector, a charging cord, and a memory chip. All you have to do is plug in the chip and the cord. From there you power up the machine and follow the directions in the instruction manual on how to navigate the different drawings. The packaging is sturdy and easy to open, and the contents are simple to assemble. The memory chip includes several pictures of animals, outer space, and fairytale elements such as castles and princesses. The drawings provide a simple step by step explanation of how to draw a variety of images, but the buttons on the machine are hard to understand and one wrong click could mean all your progress is lost. Also, while drawing, your hand could get in the way and make it far more difficult to replicate the image. If you want a wider selection of images to draw, you have to download the app.

The extra functionality of the app is a little disappointing. However, the app provides an easier access to the basic images on the memory chip by using a layout where all the pictures are displayed on one screen instead of the projector scrolling through one image at a time. The images downloaded off of the phone, though, are extremely pixelated and distorted, requiring some level of artistic skill to create a good picture. The app also crashes every once in a while and kicks you off of the program.

All in all, this toy is not one that I would recommend based on my personal experience, but for a small child this could be a decent gift. This toy is best suited for younger audiences who won’t get bored by the limited selection of pictures provided by the projector or annoyed by the quality of the images  provided in the app. I would not recommend this toy to older children.