Creative Cafe Barista Bar


Do you like to drink milkshakes? If so, then the “Creative Cafe Barista Bar” is for you. This machine makes delicious froth that you can pour on top of milk, or just drink plain. The “Barista Bar” is really easy to set up, with all the steps in pictures so that you can follow along with the directions better. This milkshake maker has spots for everything you need to make a milkshake: holders for spoons, stencils, and powder shakers.

The “Creative Cafe Barista Bar” comes with stencils, spoons, chocolate and strawberry powder, power shakers, styrofoam cups, a plastic measuring cup, and recipes for different milkshakes. The chocolate and strawberry powder adds really good flavor to the milk, but there is hardly any of it. Don’t use the “Barista Bar” for a party, because there is hardly enough of both types of powder for, at maximum, six people.

I have five younger siblings, all under the age of 10, who loved the “Creative Cafe Barista Bar”. They loved pretending that they were waiters and waitresses at a restaurant. All the kids enjoyed making designs with the stencils on top of every drink they made. The “Barista Bar” is kind of like a mini Starbucks for them. I think that kids 6+ would love this machine more than kids younger than this because it’s a lot harder for little kids to work the milkshake maker without breaking it. But one thing is for sure, kids every age love drinking these delicious beverages!

The “Creative Cafe Barista Bar” costs $25.00 on Amazon, which I think is a perfect price for this. You should buy this if you have younger kids (6-12) or if you have younger siblings that like cooking. I really like this toy, but it could be even better if it came with twice the amount of powder.