Book about Weather-Obsessed Girl is Interesting Read

Front cover. Photo Credit: Amazon Website

“Chasing Helicity” by Ginger Zee is about a teenage girl that is obsessed with weather.  One night when she is mad at her school for placing her in the lower class for math, she rides her horse up a hill to where she often watches the weather.  This is Helicity’s favorite way to escape reality. Her dad is very strict, and her brother is overly successful. This creates stress and pressure on Helicity.  Going up and watching the weather relaxes Helicity because it is something that she enjoys researching and watching.

However, on this day, she did not tell anyone where she was going.  That night, a large tornado developed. It rushed towards her and her house at a high speed.  Her only option was to abandon her horse and hide somewhere on the hill.

Helicity is the forgetful type and often forgets to charge her phone.  She starts to film the tornado when she receives a text from her brother.  “Where are you?” But before she could finish responding, her phone dies. She takes shelter and survives the tornado. Helicity is picked up by a police officer when she returns to the bottom of the hill.  She is taken to the nearest high school where all survivors are being rounded up. Here she finds that her mother and father are there, but her brother is nowhere to be found. This is all that I will say, but the story includes flash floods, a relative’s fight for life, and friendships that are ruined and formed through Helicity’s love for the weather.

This is an approximately 200 page book so it is a quick read that still entices most readers. This is an adventure involving multiple extreme weather scenes. This book is unique as compared to most of the books that I have read because it tells less about emotion and more about the actual storyline itself.  You don’t get to know the characters really deeply so much as you get absorbed into what they are actually doing. I recommend this book for preteens because it describes the survivor story of a natural disaster, which is very VERY interesting.