Fun combination of mystery and humor


The zombie apocalypse was coming, well sort of. Ernestine is obsessed with starting a zombie apocalypse. She and her stepbrother, Charleston, are trying to catch a zombie, when their very rich landlady, Mrs. MacGillicuddie, is almost murdered. The two kids investigate the mystery to find the “almost murderer”.

Sweet, smart, adventurous and very funny “Ernestine Catastrophe Queen” is full of mystery that sucks a person in on the first page. This girl is the type of girl who won’t stop trying until she solves a problem, and in this case, an almost murder. She makes a person want to explore catastrophe the way she does it. She makes it seem like an adventure.

I recommend this book for ages (8-10). When I read Ernestine Catastrophe Queen, it can absorb someone, it is like eating a delicious, large, piece of cake even though you are only reading a book. I think this book should be for children (8-10) because a person older than this might not enjoy the concept of zombies as much as someone who is younger, imagination plays a big part in this book.

All in all, you should buy “Ernestine Catastrophe Queen” from a book store near you. This very funny and mysterious book is worth reading and buying. Merrill Wyatt makes crime interesting, and murder something you want to stick around for.