Just Under the Clouds: a Relatable and Touching Story


“Just Under the Clouds,” by Melissa Sarno, is a relatable and heartwarming story about sisterhood, friendship, and belonging.

Her whole life Cora never felt like she belonged anywhere. Ever since her father died, her family (her mother and sister, Adare) didn’t stay in one place for very long. School was about the only thing that stayed the same for Cora. But even there she had a hard time. She struggled with math and didn’t have any friends.

At the beginning of the story Cora and her family live in a shelter. When there’s a break-in, they move in with one of her mother’s friends, Willa. Cora doubts they will ever have a place of their own, a place that feels right, like home.

I enjoyed this book a lot because of its relatability. It captures the little moments in life like looking at clouds with a friend or climbing a tree, and the tender moments like needing a hug or sharing a secret. I really enjoy the happy ending. I think it’s a perfect story for ages 8-12. It has appropriate content and is poignant without getting too sad.

Throughout the 225 pages this book I was never bored. It has a quick-moving pace, and was an easy read for me. Every chapter held a new adventure.

This book is slightly cheesy, but also touching. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys realistic fiction or who is looking for a fun, quick read. “Just Under the Clouds” is a great story.