Scary Kids Adventure Book


The book “The DarkDeep” by Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs is about four kids and a bully. The bully takes one of the kid’s drones and flies it into Still Cove which has a steep cliff and really cold, icy water. This is a place where most things don’t return from. There is a big cloud of fog over it, and it is rumored to have a monster living in it.  After the kids climb down the sheer cliff to get the drone, they realize that they do not find a drone but instead they find something much, much bigger.

The friends Nico, Tyler, and Emma end up with Opal as they try to figure out what the dark deep is.  Nico is the son of a park ranger who shut down the timber mill, the city’s most productive company, to preserve a species of owls which causes Nico to get bullied.  Nico is a bit shy but when he does open up, his personality is really intense. He either likes you or he doesn’t. Nothing in between. Tyler is much shier than Nico and is Nico’s friend.  He is afraid of almost everything and believes that there is a sea monster in Still Cove, but he will do anything to help Emma who is a special friend to him. Emma is very outgoing. She doesn’t really think in the moment and is impulsive.  She doesn’t have much fear. Opal starts out as the bully friend, but throughout the story we see her personality change a bit. Logan is the bully. He is the son of the owner of the timber mill that was closed down. He is a rich, popular kid.  He hates Nico with a burning passion.

The DarkDeep is a swirling well that if touched will consume the item that touches it and spit it out on the other side of the lake.  There is a house boat built around it to conceal it. Every time someone goes through the DarkDeep, they make a figment. A figment is basically like a dream come true.  For example, if you are thinking of Godzilla when you go into the DarkDeep, when you come out there will be a Godzilla on the other side that disappears after a few minutes.  However as the kids kept jumping into the DarkDeep, the figments got stronger and stronger and eventually started to form on their own.

This is a horror book, and I would recommend it.  It was a really enjoyable, but it was not easy as the plot can get confusing at times.  By the end of the book, however, you’ve put all the pieces together and have it figured out.