Visit to Mission Wolf

Mission Wolf

Mission Wolf, in Westcliffe, is a non-profit organization that is completely off of the power grids.  They operate on solar power and build with recyclable materials. Mission Wolf cares for wolves and dog-wolf hybrids. A dog-wolf hybrid is where a dog and a wolf breed together to the point where you don’t know if it is a dog or a wolf, it is somewhere in between.

Do not bring your own dog because the wolves do not always respond well to that. The wolves live in pairs.  They are male/female couples.

You can camp out at Mission Wolf.  Individuals are able to camp out on their property or the nearby National Forest land. Reservations are required to camp out on their property.  During dawn and dusk you can actually hear the wolves howl. Their goal is to try and get about one acre of land for each 1-2 wolves.  In their gift shop they have items like bracelets made from shed wolf hair, stuffed animals, and other cool things.

They are an educational wolf sanctuary.  When visiting, you learn facts about the wolves and understand the personalities of the wolves because you get up-close encounters with them.

The ambassador wolves are the ones that they let you go in and interact with.  If they are acting a bit stressed or nervous with people, then, depending on their background, they may not be up for a visit.   Mission Wolf also teaches you how to respect the animals. If you are there during a feeding, beware that they do eat raw meat, so it may be gross.

They are open Monday – Wednesday, and Friday – Saturday.  They are closed on Sunday and on Thursdays because those are days following a feed day, so the animals are basically just sleeping on those days.   If you are part of an organization like Scouting, then your group can offer to volunteer at the Mission. During volunteer time, you service for things like hauling wood or prepping the food for the wolves.  

I highly recommend this as a place to visit.  It is a really fun experience and was about a 4 hour drive from Denver. PLease note that it can be a challenging drive in the winter because Mission Wolf is located on a dirt road in a rural area. Check them out at for more details.